Ines Katamso (b.1990) is a French-Indonesian painter based in Bali. After studying art and design in France, Ines was drawn back to her homeland where she currently works as an artist and designer (her studio Atelier Seni).

The self-described anak-campur (“miwrite for me research paper writerxed-kid”) from Yogyakarta continues to draw inspiration from her multicultural background and unconventional upbringing in otherwise conservative Java (her father was a musician, her mother a tattoo artist).

Upon her return to the islands, she began her artistic journey creating commissioned murals before gradually transitioning to more intimate scales and subject-matter.

Today, Ines primarily works with oil-paint but enjoys experimenting with other materials. Soft lines and colors are deceptively light-hearted, as Ines explains the canvas serves as space to probe a murky, sometimes uncomfortable, subconscious as well as deep-rooted anxieties.

Playing with texture and opacity, she continues to explore the thin veil between the sensitive and the tangible. Her work is clearly deeply personal, yet her faceless characters are an embodiment of what she feels are universal sensations.

This year Ines is preparing few exhibition in Jakarta : two cgroup exhibition in spring, an Art fair in summer and her first solo in september.

Interview by Camille.