When reality is too distressing to face, we create a new one, one that is more sensitive, more nuanced. We hide part of ourselves in these imaginary spaces to mitigate our experience of the human condition.

We try our best to find a balance between our conscious and unconscious minds that helps us handle the truth of our existence. This feat is even more laborious for the contemporary woman/man who has lost her/his spirituality and lives in a time driven by so called free-markets and other individualistic pursuits.

My work explores the relationship between these two opposite worlds (reality and imagination ; conscious and unconscious mind), with a plastic approach: through the use of a minimal an empty yet saturated composition; by layering faded lines with heavy forms; by organic and geometrical elements.

The weaving technique that I use symbolizes unification between then. By using two separate parts, I create a new entity that symbolizes our identity filled with many complexities.

  • Isa.Art.Advisory

    Park Avenue


    oil painting